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High-Quality Thinking

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High-Quality Thinking

Since we are called to stay-at-home for the COVID-19 guidelines, many of us have extra time on our hands. Once we get the house cleaned until there is no more to do, and the garden in order, and whatever else, until we are faced with silence.

This leaves two options, either we scroll social media, or we do what we did before social media came around.


One of the things that has helped me to do this is to write my thoughts in a quality notebook that will last a generation or two, but you can also do this digital on a Free private blog tool like Tumblr or

The important thing is to get started, because when we write our thoughts is helps us to know where we stand on things, and our children learn from this as well.

The journal is meant to be a record of achievement. That will, at times, include recognizing and charting failures. Write down your accomplishments and what you could have done better. Writing by hand has a proven effect on the brain.

Building things takes more time than taking them down.

I recognize how fortunate we are to have technology that allows us to go beyond physical isolation. The library building is closed for a time, but I can download books from there as well as other services. In an age of distraction, the notebook produces a rare commodity: high-quality thinking — the type of thinking that can make us a student of, and for, our own lives.

Writing down your thoughts forces you to clarify what you’re thinking and confront ambiguities or inconsistencies.

You can not check e-mail using a spiral-bound notebook.

Paper facilitates creative thinking.

It is said that if you start to spend an hour a day with your own thoughts, it will take up to sixty days before you remove all the clutter and eventually can start the hour thinking about yesterday and today! I have found this to be so true!

When it seems like there are fences in life, always live in faith and simplicity ... in what is known as the classroom of silence.

You will be amazed how much the world becomes a brighter place, for you, and for the others around you.

Our spiral notebooks are 6" x 8" in size and include 120 pages which are lined on both sides. The artwork is printed on the front cover which is made of thinck paper stock, and the back cover is medium gray in color. the inside of the back cover includes a pocket for storing extra paper and pens. Ships withing 2 - 3 business days and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thanks for reading.

Frank J Casella


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