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Slowing Down

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Slowing Down

Put Things In Right Perspective

When I took my dog, Buddy, for a walk yesterday (somehow he always knows that time, even when the time changes), we went the usual path in the neighborhood. With the COVID-19 Virus in full bloom, and everyone inside with the stay-at-home guidelines, several of the homeowners stepped outside to say hello after seeing us walking by through their windows.

One woman, who also has a Golden, always loves to give Buddy a hug. She was very sad how she felt that she could not do this, even though pets do not seem to be on the ‘ social distancing ‘ list. I mentioned how we take that all for granted now, how touching others does more for humanity than we realize.

This woman, who is a professor at the University of Chicago, said in conversations with others are saying how ‘ Mother Nature is saying to slow down ‘.

To be honest with you, I have lost this perspective a bit. I think slowing down was the right message for me to hear. It always amazes me who or what God uses to help us put things into perspective, if we are willing to be aware of it.

So this got me to thinking, how next week is Holy Week and many of the ( Christian ) churches will not have any services .. something also taken for granted ..

In other words, God has a vision for each church that we would grow so much in our love for God that we would love people the way He loves them: unconditionally and passionately. To be filled up with His grace, truth, and purpose so that everything we do will reflect Him to those around us.

The picture at the link below, has a similar message in the description about slowing down and to put things in right perspective … if you have a few moments to read it.

Measuring Up To Jesus

Thanks for reading. A blessed Holy Week to you.


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