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Burning Cloud - Photograph by Frank J Casella

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Burning Cloud - Photograph by Frank J Casella

Burning Cloud - Landscape Art Photograph Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella

This moment in time reminds me of how, sometimes, I wish that I could just burn off the clouds over my head ( the weight on my shoulders ).

But then, I remind myself that it is through the storms of life that makes me a stronger person. Every successful person, whether a founder of a company, a Catholic Saint, a single parent, or the the person who's made the greatest impact on you, even if you have not met them but would like to someday if possible, have learned through their struggles.

The late Zig Ziglar, who you know I'm a big fan of, says:

"I never lose ... I either win or I learn."

When we go through storms, in life or with the weather, it's important for those of us who believe to remember to not so much talk to God about our storms, but rather to talk to the storm about our God.  In His time, and in His will, I can tell you that you will see things shift before your eyes.

Just like the picture above, all the things going on at the surface will burn off and rise up into the heavens. .... God will take it from us ... but we have to give it to Him first.

Yes, easier said than done ... The good news is the more you let go, the easier it gets. ... then the more God asks of us. It's ongoing, and we get more strong through it.

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