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Growing In Faith - Catholic Photograph by Frank J Casella

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Growing In Faith - Catholic Photograph by Frank J Casella

Growing In Faith

A Statue of the Holy Family sets an example, or symbol, of prayer and teaching the faith – how men and women should relate to one another in complementary ways and how important mothers and fathers are to children.

This statue says to me about structure in a few ways:

Firstly, look at the composition and body language of the figures on top. The details of their hair and body parts, and clothing. The expressions on their faces. A persons hands (artist) did all of this. All of these are types of structure.

Second, there is also the structure of the stand the statue is on top of, it’s size, the message ‘Growing In Faith’, and the shape being round to function with the form of the concrete slab below it, and I see the circular shape to be ever flowing .. how structure, as life itself, is always a work in progress.

Finally there is the unwritten message from this statue. The Holy Family as a model of the ideal family structure. Father, Mother, and Child(ren). How the roll of the family unit works to foster life and develop growing in faith.

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Frank J Casella, Catholic Art Photography

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