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Frank J Casella Digital Connection

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Frank J Casella Digital Connection

Frank J Casella - American. Photographer. Catholic. Co-founder. Living in Chicagoland - USA. Pictures speak in ways that words can not. Since I was a kid, I've been perfecting how to put the viewer where my subject is - I call this "Pictures People Listen To".

I've been a Documentary and Stock Photographer since 1988, and Independent Artist exclusively on Fine Art America since 2013. Though, I've had a camera in my hand since I was a young boy. I produce and sell pictures of moments in time, and human interaction, that share hope and God's love in the world, through my Catholic Faith.

I'm also co-founder of Chicago Catholic Men's Forum, and Executive Director of Catholic Men Chicago Southland, since 2004. When you foster a Man in holiness, the positive adjustments he makes creates a upstanding man, husband, or father, and this impact can be felt for three generations.

I'm a product of Columbia College Chicago and, shortly after, my childhood dream became reality when I was assigned to photograph the ministry of the (Roman Catholic) Archbishop of Chicago - the late Joseph Cardinal Bernardin.

My artwork style is inspired by Norman Rockwell. I'm privileged to be nurtured by John H. White - Pulitzer Prize photojournalist.

Life Mission:

My life mission is to share hope and God's Love in the World. Jesus said, “No one who sets a hand to the plow and looks to what was left behind is fit for the kingdom of God.” ~ Luke 9:62


"Frank Casella .... is like an Old World artist, creative yet meticulous, inspired yet careful, in awe of visual beauty yet not afraid to engage it through the lens of his camera. .... Frank Casella's work is what we mean when we say that photography can be an art".

-- Rev. Anthony J. Brankin, Chicago Priest and Sculpture

"Frank, I just wanted to Thank you again for coming to our photo club and your program on visual storytelling. I know we all got something from your presentation. It was a good idea the way you got us involved in your program. ....

.... For myself it was humbling to see how well you can design a moment to last forever. And your sense of getting the essence of the subject, that simple moment. I have a new respect for black and white images and I understand how it can enhance an image. Thank You again Frank it was a privilege for us to have you as a program presenter."

-- Tim McGrath, c/o Park Forest Photography Club

“Frank, Great Work and great job on your Website. Your work is thoughtful and good and you are an excellent Godly man and photographer”.

– James Klein Lenderink, Commercial Photographer

Stay Connected:

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Or you might like my once a month list SundayLetters - A picture, a life topic, and latest blog entries or creative projects, always on Sunday about once or twice a month.

I am very intentional about my use of social media....

To that end, here are positive reasons why I post primarily on my own blog or mailing list, not on social media:

1. Having a home

This site is a creative outlet for me and my works. When I want you to know something, I'm going to talk about it here, both with the mails I send you and with the blogs. This is where you'll be able to find me over time and space. This is my home.

For example, people in my old neighborhood used to just drop by to sit on the front porch and catch up; this site serves the same purpose for me. It's something we can depend on so we can always be in contact.

2. Internet citizenship

This is called the "web" because our sites all interconnect with links. Hyperlinking is what gives the Internet its richness. Following links has helped me learn so much, and give back. My own blog site lets me do that.

Where To Find Me Online:

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“As a photographer, the big secret is entering into the charisma with the person you have in front of you. If you don't feel it, you'll never do it well.” ~ ARTURO MARI, Vatican photographer