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Simple Gratitude

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Simple Gratitude

As the stormy clouds loom above, a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow unfolds in the vast expanse of the prairie at Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve in Illinois. It is during this transitional period of early Fall that nature unveils a breathtaking spectacle of vibrant hues, where the vivid colors of autumn foliage ignite against the dramatic backdrop of the turbulent sky.

In this remarkable moment in time, captured with utter precision (with God and my camera there is no coincidence I believe), every intricate detail becomes a testament to the divine artistry that surrounds us. It serves as a poignant reminder that even amidst the chaos and uncertainty of life, there is a sublime order at play, a masterful symphony composed by a higher power.

Just as the light seeps through the stormy clouds, illuminating the landscape with its ethereal glow, so too can we allow the presence of something greater into our lives. Whether we refer to it as divine intervention, the hand of God, or simply the power of nature, there is a profound beauty in recognizing that there is something beyond ourselves, a force that meticulously tends to the minutiae of existence.

This photograph encapsulates not only the extraordinary beauty found in nature but also serves as a gentle reminder to open ourselves up to the exquisite details that comprise our own lives. Just as the colors in the prairie bloom with intensity, we too can find purpose and meaning in the smallest of moments.

So, let us be mindful of the wonders that surround us, both grand and minuscule. Let us embrace the divinity present in the delicacy of a fallen leaf, the wonder of a passing storm, and the gentle flicker of light cutting through the darkness. For when we allow ourselves to become attuned to the nuances of the world, we create space for gratitude, awe, and an ever-deepening connection to the profound symphony of life.

That’s it for this Sunday Letter. Thank you for reading, talk with you again soon,


Photo: Early Autumn Prairie Stormy Sky - Color Nature Art Photograph Copyright 2022 Frank J Casella


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