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This week, an important discussion took place about respecting and being kind to one another. The US Capitol held a hearing to address issues of censorship, polarization, and corruption that are harming our country.

During the hearing, I observed the presence of four notable witnesses, each offering their unique perspectives and expertise on the matter at hand. However, among them, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. stood out as the epitome of eloquence and unwavering passion. His arguments displayed an extensive understanding of the subject matter, leaving a lasting impression on all those present.

It was disheartening, though, to witness the apparent lack of concern from certain lawmakers for Mr. Kennedy’s insights. Despite inviting him to provide answers, they seemed determined to silence him prematurely, denying him the opportunity to fully convey his points. This unfortunate behavior inadvertently served as a testament to the very censorship he asserted was prevalent in our society.

In any democratic society, it is crucial to nurture an environment that encourages open and honest discussions, even when opinions differ. The purpose of a hearing should be to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and gain a deeper understanding of various perspectives. However, when individuals are repeatedly cut off or prevented from expressing their thoughts, the essence of fruitful discourse is lost.

This incident highlights the need for our lawmakers to actively listen, engage, and respect the views of all witnesses. By doing so, they not only uphold the principles of free speech but also demonstrate a genuine commitment to the democratic ideals that underpin our society.

Likewise, one of the best friends I ever had taught me much about how every person has a right to their own opinion, but not their own facts. Photography and Art play a great deal in our culture to share opinions and ideas, as well as presenting the facts. As I often say, people need works of Art that are examples of goodness and hope – simple moments in time can create lasting impressions or make you smile if even for a moment.

Art allows us to see life differently and encourages conversation. What we consume shapes our thoughts and behaviors.

That’s it for this Sunday Letter. Thank you for reading, talk with you again soon,


Photo: 'Connections' - Electrical workers install wire on utility poles silhouetted by the sunset in mid-west America. Copyright 2012 Frank J Casella. Reference:


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