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A Mother's Day Prayer

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A Mother

Photo Descripton: Flowers - White and Pink Hibiscus - Square. Pretty ruffles these flowers have on their skirts.
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Mother's Day is May 12, 2024


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A Prayer For Mothers

All-loving God, we give you thanks and praise for mothers young and old.

We pray for young mothers, who give life and count toes and tend to our every need; May they be blessed with patience and tenderness to care for their families and themselves with great joy.

We pray for our own mothers who have nurtured and cared for us; May they continue to guide us in strong and gentle ways.

We remember mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, or conflict; May they feel the loving embrace of our God who wipes every tear away.

We pray for women who are not mothers but still love and shape us with motherly care and compassion.

We remember mothers. grandmothers, and great-grandmothers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and nourish us with their love.


Just like the Mother Mary said 'Yes", and her womb is known as the First Tabernacle, we look to all of you this day with reverence and high respect and celebrate your choice to bless the world with new life. Born and the stillborn. We can not have Birthdays without your Love.

To all Fathers, may we all be devoted to lead our homes to be a model of the Holy Family. As it is said, the best gift that you can give your Wife is to love your Children and the best gift that you can give your kids is to love their Mother.


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